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Express dermalogica facial 

Express dermalogica facial (30 mins) 

Cleanse, exfoliation, masque, tone, moisturise.    £25

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment (45 mins)

Perfect for brides or anyone wishing to wear a backless dress, as it improves skin clarity and leaves it feeling soft and supple.   £25

dermalogica facial

Standard dermalogica facial ( 50 mins ) 

Eye make-up and lip stains are removed before a deep cleanse thoroughly cleaning the skin. Gentle exfoliation is carried out and heat applied to soften, remove dead skin, and unblock pores. A prescriptive oil is massaged into the face, décolletage, neck, and shoulders to plump, relax and rejuvenate the skin prior to the application of a face masque. The treatment is finished with a moisturising and rebalancing of the skin.    £40

Luxury dermalogica facial

Luxury dermalogica facial (70 mins) 

A deeply relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage begins your facial treatment,  followed by a double deep cleanse of the face and neck. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells.  A massage into the face, décolletage, neck, and shoulders rejuvenates and relaxes muscles. A prescriptive face masque is applied before the skin is toned, rebalanced and moisturised.    £50


Look and Feel Great

• Shellac manicure and pedicure •  Facial treatments•  Eyelash tinting • Highly defined brows • Eyelash lifts  • Make-up

What our customers are saying

One of the most relaxing treatments, I've ever had. The products smell and feel lovely,  I fell asleep during the massage, when I woke all the stiffness in my neck and shoulders were gone. My skin feels soft, smooth  and really clean- I feel 10 years younger. 

Jane  - Pill